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Green Spirit

Environment and film

Responsibility towards our environment is something we take very seriously. Economic and ecological concerns are no contradictions to us. As a family-owned manufacturing company we act with environmental consciousness and take every conceivable measure to minimize environmental impacts.

Our raw material consists of 100 % polyethylene, which is composed of carbon and hydrogen. It is environmentally compatible, groundwater-neutral, corrosion-neutral, non-toxic and can be fully recycled.

We have been operating a recycling plant (supplier EREMA) on our premises for many years to ensure 100 % recycling of all waste materials!

The plastic pellets won in this way are primarily used for the production of construction film.

In 2013 massive investments were made to implement two environmental projects:

- Thermal regenerative air purification system (supplier KBA): We selected the most modern and most powerful system burning all solvent vapours released and recovering 96 % in the form of heat. This unit was put into operation simultaneously with the printing press to ensure that all environmental standards are complied with.

- Distillation system (supplier OFRU) cleaning all solvents automatically (directly) and recycling them to the production process.

Being one of the biggest Austrian manufacturers in the industry, CORETH assumes responsibility for people, environment and ethics. Therefore we take an active stance in planning and designing future approaches to the use of energy.

Joining forces with other companies, we have been focusing our know-how and our experiences concerning the use of energy in an energy efficiency network (ECO-NET).

In cooperation with the Research Center for Energy Economics (FfE) we work toward a sustainable realisation of our common goals regarding energy efficiency and CO2 reduction. For us and for our customers.