The Green Zone

We take measures for environmentally conscious production and use our raw materials with special care.

CORETH own recycling center at the company premises!

Since 2018, we have been recycling up to 1,400 kg of film per hour at CORETH's own recycling center. We gladly accept inquiries for the area of contract recycling!

The recycling area is aligned with our hygiene guidelines of EN15593 certification. This enables us to guarantee a high standard of hygiene in the production of recycling material.

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Use of post-consumer regenerate!

The further development of our products in terms of sustainability remains one of the most important focal points. In addition to the use of post-industrial reclaim from our own recycling, initial large-scale tests with post-consumer reclaim have also been very promising.

Film made from post-consumer reclaim has now reached a quality that can now be used in a wide range of applications without having to make major compromises in terms of mechanical and optical properties. In various projects together with OFI Technologie & Innovation GmbH, Kunststoff-Cluster and Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, CORETH is working on future-oriented solutions for the use of post-consumer regenerate in film packaging.

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Construction of a photovoltaic system!

We have installed a photovoltaic system on three of our production halls. 100% of the electricity generated from the power of the sun flows directly into our production cycle.

In this way, we save on electricity costs, increase our energy independence and contribute to the achievement of climate goals by saving 13 tons of CO2 per year.

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New environmentally friendly materials!

In the beverage industry, we have already conducted successful trials with films made from bio-based LDPE. Compared to conventional LDPE of fossil origin, the LDPE here is obtained from sugar cane, a renewable raw material. Due to the CO2 bound by the sugar cane plant, this film has a significant negative CO2 balance.

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Coreth now stacks electrically with Jungheinrich!

More ecological, more available and quieter...The trucks not only impress with a better eco-balance, but also with lower maintenance requirements and higher availability, and they operate exceptionally quietly.

And we run the new electric trucks on green electricity from our own PV system!

Und wir betreiben die neuen Elektrostapler mit grünem Strom aus unserer eigenen PV-Anlage!

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Energy efficiency and reduction of CO2 emission!

Together with other companies, we have been pooling our know-how and experience in the field of energy use in a learning energy efficiency network (ECO-NET) since 2014.

Within the framework of this ECO-NET network, we have succeeded in increasing our energy efficiency by 7.7%, while at the same time demonstrably reducing our CO2 emissions by 7.9%. Thus we make a valuable contribution to the protection of our energy resources!

Our basic material consists of 100% polyethylene, which is composed of carbon and hydrogen. It is environmentally friendly, groundwater-neutral, non-corrosive, non-toxic and fully recyclable.

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