Stretch hoods are placed over pallets and other goods in need of packaging to protect them from dust and moisture. Owing to its properties, this flexible material adapts to the shape of the product to be wrapped, covering it like a “second skin” and thus providing stability. Tensions both in the horizontal and vertical directions makes for optimum strength and protection.

  • Available in various dimensions
  • Film colours: from transparent to translucent to opaque in various colours
  • Printing with up to 3 colours, double-sided
  • Loose or on a roll
  • Additives supply sliding, anti-static, non-slip and UV-absorbing properties
  • UV stabilizer provides protection against UV radiation


  • Bricks
  • Chemicals etc.
  • Plaster

Advantages of stretch tubing

  • Increased holding force
  • Increased speed and reliability of packaging
  • Less material required
  • Reduced cost of packaging machine maintenance